Soccer Spirits

Game Info!

Soccer Spirits is a turn based rpg mobile app with a supporting theme of soccer. Despite it's name "Soccer Spirits" it is more of a turn-based rpg style game with a touch of soccer to hold things together. The game mechanics are rather simple, there are 10 players and 1 extra per team and 3 different positions to place your units. The three positions are Frontline, Mid-field, and Backline, each with 3 players and a goalie in the backline. The extra character is typically not your own character, but rather a borrowed character from someone on your friend's list to help you take down some stages. The command system is also rather simplistic to the game since it is a mobile app, supporting 3-4 commands depending on your position. The character design and art for the game is simply stunning and it has surprisingly good voice acting despite being a mobile game. The game also supports a 5 element tree, Ardor(fire), Whirlwind, Thunder, Light, and Dark, each with it's own pros and cons as well as different groups within those elements.

Play Soccer Spirits!

You should consider playing Soccer Spirits because it's a free mobile app that can really get you hooked with its simple play style and multiple different characters to build a team of your likings. There is an abundance of different characters in the game, from normal high school students to angels who guard heaven's gate. It may not make sense when you question why angels and demons started playing soccer, but does it really matter if the game is fun? The game has got a lot of character, if you forgive some slight translation errors since the game was translated by Koreans not actual English speaking translators, you can really find a good laugh or two in the lore that accompanies the characters you get. Some characters, have some absolutely absurd lore to them while others have lore that makes you want to be that character's friend. There is so much to do on soccer spirits,from building up your team and fighting other teams to event bosses who will make you scream when you finally manage to beat them, there is always going to something to keep you occupied.